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ILA Featuring  Money Green “10×100” Produced By Ryan King

In a industry where everyone looks to follow the latest trends and mimic the latest sound. It can be difficult to stand out. With artist being scared to be themselves and take chances the industry has literally become a real life “Attack of The Clones” movie. Leaving the industry searching and wanting the next big star to rise from pack and become the next “Authentic” star.

Welcome to Kings Tomb Producer Ryan King is looking breathe some fresh air into the industry with his unique production style and his group of southern emcees that each have the potential to be that next “It” emcee. The first artist to emerge from “Kings Tomb” is Alabama wordsmith “ILA aka Big Brown” who’s word play and authenticity is a welcomed, and much needed look the game needs. With ILA being coveted by “MCA” at the young age of 8yrs old. ILA has flirted with the rap game as the streets took priority as he had to make it in Mobile, Alabama. Now ILA has teamed up with childhood friend Ryan King to make a legitimate run at the industry. ILA released a mix-tape last year “The Loan Before Brown Fargo” that did pretty well and prompted him to work on the follow up effort “Brown Fargo” slated for an early spring release.

To get things rolling ILA gives us “10×100” an up-tempo Kings Tomb produced track featuring Money Green. Which sets the stage for ILA’s clever wordplay to showcase why labels have sought after this emcee for quite sometime. Checkout “10×100” and see why Kings Tomb is about to become a household name.

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